My Fall 2015 senior exhibition project, Ghost Stories, is a collection of still images of individuals from horror videos that do not exist. Some are meant to be read as video stills, whereas some are intended as production stills. Staging and theatricality are frequent themes and methods in my photography, and I wanted to continue this by doing a project based on ideas of cinematography. If these videos did exist, they would be short horror movies available on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo; as such, all of the images have a 16:9 aspect ratio. These photos are based on a previous senior project in which I wrote a series of short horror stories centered around one location – namely, the photo studio at Smith College – and explored the various possibilities for it as a site of the macabre. Unlike in my previous seminar project, I decided not to accompany the images with narrative text for this exhibition. I want to leave the exact narratives ambiguous in order to ground the understanding of the work in the photos themselves. This project was inspired by the fake film stills of Cindy Sherman and Petra Collins as well as the short horror films of David F. Sandberg and Alex Kamb.

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